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The Book

9/20 update - 2nd book in the series "What 80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Today's Workplace" is now available for pre-sale on Amazon! Order yours today:

Ah the 1980s. A magical time for creativity, invention, individuality  and timeless movies that taught us valuable business lessons. Wait? What  was that last one? "What 80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Today's  Workplace" finds the unexpected business lessons in ten of the classic  80s movies that defined a generation.

See what Lloyd Dobler,  Ferris Bueller, Axel Foley and more of your favorite 80s movies and  their characters taught us about our business, workplace, careers and ultimately ourselves.

No matter where you are in your career, the  business lessons from these timeless 80s movies will resonate. And  you'll have some fun along the way! Whether you're just starting your  career or an executive that wants to inspire your team or an HR manager  looking for unique ways to motivate and train existing and new  employees, you'll find the lessons you've been looking for.  

Or maybe you just want to wax nostalgic and go back to your formative years  in the 1980s. Well this book is for you as well! There's plenty of 80s  pop culture flashbacks throughout and you might just learn a few  valuable business lessons along the way,.  

So get out of those  workclothes and get into some parachute pants and a Members Only jacket  (wait, maybe not)...ok how about just pulling out a few old prom  pictures, setting the mood with some 80s music and begin learning "What  80s Pop Culture Teaches Us About Today's Workplace."

And since 80s pop culture is absolutely endless, this is the first in a series under the same title. Stay tuned!

The Reviews are in

"Funny, smart, entertaining and pragmatic all rolled into one! A must read." 

"I will definitely encourage my business partners to purchase his book and use it for future team building and leadership activities."  

"I never would have thought that you could take these screen gems and pluck such marvelous nuggets of wisdom in how to navigate our position in the workplace."