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Wait...80s pop culture can teach us about business?

Laugh and Learn

Yes, believe it or not, 80s pop culture and particularly the great movies that defined the decade can teach us a lot about our workplace, our business, our careers and our lives. 

When you book Chris to speak at your event, the audience will learn, laugh and discover valuable lessons that they can bring back to the office or the classroom. For example: 

  • Learn what The Goonies teaches us about inclusion

  • Hear what Ferris Bueller teaches us about work-life balance

  • Find out how the four kids in Stand by Me taught us that there really are no stupid questions.

  • See how Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop taught us how your best resource is you. 

  • Experience what The Breakfast Club taught us about problem solving.

  • Learn what E.T. teaches us about social responsibility,

And more lessons from a wide variety of 80s movies.  Chris can even customize the lessons to your needs or theme and include movies that fit your business, workplace or classroom. 

Chris combines 22 years of marketing experience in a variety of industries with global brands and ad agencies with his unmatched passion for all things 80s to bring a fun, informative and unique presentation to your group. 

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