"You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want." - Johnny Cade, The Outsiders

Spending over 20 years in corporate marketing, I attended a multitude of workshops targeting a variety of areas. Workshops have always been a great way for companies large and small to provide teams with an interactive and engaging way to learn. 

The challenge can be finding a workshop that is customized for your needs, keeps your team engaged and excited and ultimately leaves each person with tangible and constructive ideas that they retain and can take back into the workplace.

Fun and Unique


80s Pop Culture and The Workplace

Yes, believe it or not, 80s pop culture can teach us quite a bit about the workplace. Chris’s workshops – which he calls “Laugh and Learn” – are unique, fun and constructive and can be designed and customized to target a variety of areas within the culture of a workplace, organization or association including leadership, teamwork/building, problem solving, human resources and more. 

For example:

Exploring the different types of leaders and leadership styles through the lens of 80s musical icons like Prince and 80s movie characters like Johnny Cade and Ponyboy from The Outsiders, Prince Akeem from Coming to America, Doc Brown in Back to The Future, the kids in Stand By Me and more. 

Are we getting the best out of our teams? Learn how to identify the strengths in every employee by studying the underdogs and unexpected heroes/heroines of 80s pop culture such as The Frog Brothers in The Lost Boys, Lisa in Weird Science, Chunk and Sloth in The Goonies, Carl Spackler in CaddyShack and more.

Making your workplace the most awesome place to work by diving into and dissecting the unique approach to life, work and humans from characters like Jeff Spicoli, Mr. Miyagi, Axel Foley, Ferris Bueller, E.T. and more. 



The Outcome

Ultimately, it’s about being a better leader, team member and person. And yes, believe it or not, 80s pop culture can teach us how to be better at all three.

Besides the learning and growth that comes with all workshops, a main focus of Chris’s workshops is the retention of the ideas we discuss. Connecting the lesson back to a movie, character, icon or scene helps us retain and ultimately apply the information we absorbed. 

Because, when the day is over and everyone goes back to their office, cube, desk or workspace, it is really all about retention. How much do you remember and will you actually apply the lessons learned when it matters the most? 

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